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There are many ministries carried out by volunteers at our fellowhip.


These resources are available to you for a deeper study into God's Word.

Use them for a group study, one-on-one discipleship or for your own personal growth. 


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Considering the central phrase, “many were astonished at thee,” from Isaiah 52:13 – 15 (ASV) as a point of entry into several references in the New Testament having to do with people’s reaction to their encounters with Jesus. October 31, 2020

A Series of Essays on the Octaves and the Individual Verses of the Psalm. Prepared for the Sikorsky Bible Study Group - December 4, 2017.

Lessons on Living. Prepared for the Students of the University of Connecticut Winter 2012.

On the Theory and Practice of Discipleship. Prepared for the Lighthouse Bible Study University of Connecticut 2011-2012.

A Series of Lessons. Prepared for the Lighthouse Bible Study University of Connecticut 2010 – 2011.

A Consideration of the Life of Abraham. Prepared for the Lighthouse Bible Study University of Connecticut Fall 2012.

A Series of Short Essays On Four Psalms of Enthronement. Notes prepared for The New England Regional Bible Study May 19, 2012.

Some reflections on the meanings of the prayer commonly known as The Lord’s Prayer. Prepared for the 2011 Family Winter Retreat At Iroqouina Bible Camp Hallstead, Pennsylvania February 18 – 20, 2011.

A Series of Meditations. Prepared for the Lighthouse Bible Study University of Connecticut 2009 – 2010.

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The following Christian Living resources are available for purchase.
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This is the second edition of the text for those interested in studying personal financial stewardship in a practical, in-depth, Christian perspective, whether in the classroom, as part of a Bible study, or at a financial seminar. This book will make a difference in your life because it is based on the most important book, the Bible. You will find many good Christian financial books on the market, but none that go to the depth of this one in explaining what the Bible really has to say about money, stewardship, giving, insurance, investing, and other topics. Whether you are a young person just learning about finances or one who is an elder with many years of experience you will learn a great deal that will help you to be the steward God wants you to be and at the same time gain the financial freedom He wants you to have.

If you have been looking for an in-depth discussion of what the Bible says concerning financial matters then this book is for you. This book does not attempt to cover personal financial material covered by other books but focuses on the Christian and Biblical perspective concerning personal financial matters so sorely lacking in most books on personal finance. A wide range of topics are discussed that should have the reader thinking critically concerning how we use the financial resources the Lord has given us to use for His glory. Some of the topics include debt and borrowing, insurance, giving, funding education, and budgeting. This book fills a void left by other personal financial books, which may be quite good in understanding how things work in the physical realm of financial tools, but have nothing that conveys the spiritual perspective that is important to the Christian seeking to do God's will. The reader will be richly blessed to be brought to the Bible time after time to find what God has to say about this very important area of our lives. It should be a help on your journey.

The key to understanding how to worship is knowing what the Bible – the genuine source of understanding concerning how to worship – has to say. In this study it is our desire to understand more fully what God’s mind is concerning the worship of New Testament believers and answer the questions that have been raised. In an age where entertainment is the norm for all activities,including worship, it is good to revisit the Word of God to freshen our minds with the truths concerning how to worship that are set forth on its pages. We must keep in mind that it is important to look at the whole of the Bible to understand how to worship. Although often ignored, much can be learned from the Old Testament concerning this important issue (Romans 15:4). We may have been taught that a certain way is the right way to worship but since our college days my wife and I learned we must go to the Bible ourselves to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11). This of course requires time and a careful review of the immediate context of passages as well as in the context of the Bible and God’s plan as a whole. So with these thoughts in mind I embarked on a careful look at what worship, as undertaken by believers, really should be like based on what the Bible says. This book is a result of those studies.

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